School Twitter

School Twitter

Why Choose Our Solution

School Twitter is a web and mobile based parent notification system. It improves the engagement of the parent into the child learning process. In turn it helps improve the attendance and performance of the student.

Your Benefits

School Twitter helps educators to engage the parents. Inform parents about class events, trips, absents, exams, homeworks, class updates and anything. That helps to improve School rating. Parents get better peace of mind when student are performing better.

Benefits to Schools:

    • Improved School rating by better   attendance and over all results
    • Improved Fund-raising
    • Improved parent participation
    • Emergency/Rapid communication channel
    • Competitive edge by technology
    • advancement
    • Centralized communications
    • Better events management and planning

    Benefits to Parents:

      • Improved students attendance
      • Improved students performance
      • Improved parent leads, for better parent child relationship
      • Sense of belonging
      • Curriculum Awareness
      • Awareness of weekly child’s learning
      • Reinforce student behavior


      Steps for Teacher

        • 1) Login to School Twitter as Teacher Login
        • 2) Go to Manage Class
        • 3) Create a new class and save the code generated
        • 4) Share the code with all the parents - Use Label Generator
        • 5) Parent to register/login to School Twitter using the code
        • 6) Then the teacher can share sending notifications to the parent on regular basis


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